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For clients

As a client, you will find below all the forms necessary in order to use our platform. All information entered in these forms are completely confidential and will at no point be shared with third parties, unless requested formally by the client. If you wish to make your information accessible to another person, professional or agency, please fill the Consent To Release Information Form.

Important :

  • Online sessions are only available for clients that resides in the same province as the specialist. To see which specialist serves your province, please consult the specialist page.
  • New client : The Client Information Form and the Consent To Treatment Form must both be completed and submitted before the client’s first schedule appointment. Otherwize, the client will not be able to receive the service requested.
  • Returning client : No client form is required to receive your online session services.

You can now book your online session

Once the Client Information Form and the Consent To Treatment Form are completed, you can now book your online session.

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